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Smart Enabling Your Home

The word ‘smart home’ raises up images of costly investments and futuristic living spaces (for example. talking kitchen devices, shiny steel walls and self-cleaning appliances), think again: the world is becoming a smart place,  modern smart home is cost-effective, safe and energy-efficient living space that enables you to easily control its functions. Installing smart-home technology into new builds is the norm because they are fitted with modern, energy-efficient and regulation-compliant systems and appliances, such as boilers, electrical wiring, insulation, and double-glazed windows and doors – all of which integrate perfectly with digital smart-home systems.

Build a smart home over time

The great thing about smart-home technology is that you simply can install the maximum amount or as little as you wish, and still see huge benefits. you’ll keep it as simple as installing smart thermostats to remotely manage your heating system, or as innovative as connecting every appliance within the home to a smart-home system. you’ll slowly build up your smart home over time, or implement a whole suite of solutions in one go: whatever works for you. The aim of a sensible house is to form your life easier, cheaper and more energy-efficient.

Create a home that works around you

Smart-home technology is meant to harmonise your property together with your needs as a home-owner, and make your living environment as comfortable as possible in the least times. this suggests adapting your lighting to the right brightness (based on current light levels, the activity you’re doing and your general preferences) and keeping the property at a pleasing temperature (with remote-controlled heating and air conditioning) when required

CCTV to protect your home and office

CCTV is VERY Importance when a crime is committed, as it provides you with all the evidence you need.

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, was once used primarily by businesses. Now, they are important assets for homeowners too.

BM Electricals can install, repair, upgrade and service CCTV systems of practically any age. Covering businesses and domestic customers in the Berkshire area, mainly around slough, we also support in choosing the CCTV products we install, they are all robust and affordable, giving you the best protection for yourself.

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